#JournalingPrompts: A Year in Polaroids

If you have a journal, this is a must-have spread in all of your journals. This super fun and easy prompt can help you capture what your year has been like!

Step 1: Print one photo that highlights your favorite/most defining memory from each month
We used our Instax Mini polaroid printer, but feel free to use other means that you have to print your photos! Make sure they're small though, since you'll want to fit at least four photos in a page. So, if you're using a normal printer, you'll need to cut them to size.

Step 2: Create your layout + stick your photos
Split one page into 4 sections - one for each photo. Since one spread can only fit 8 photos (8 months), the whole year is going to take up one and a half spread.

(Optional) Step 3: Capture your month in writing
If you think the photo doesn't really capture the month in its entirety (and we totally get that, a lot of things can happen in a month), you can write a little journal entry under the photo. Just make sure you only stick the top part of the photo so you can flip it open in the future!

You can create this spread at the end of every year as a way to reflect about the past 12 months, or alternatively, you can set up this spread in the beginning of the year and fill it out throughout the year (this way, the memories are still fresh in your mind).

Got any other ideas? Let us know in the comments, or contact us at info@projectmemory.co. We can't wait to see what you create!

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