Our story

Hi there! We’re Sammy, Aneri, and Rylee - three friends who share the same passion for pretty things, cozy things, and documenting our lives. Aneri and Sammy were college friends who started Project Memory upon graduating because they needed a meaningful way to document the experiences closest to their hearts.

Rylee was Project Memory's 2nd ever customer and an active member of our community. Somewhere down the line, she asked us if she could intern for Project Memory, wowed us with her skills and passion - and eventually became a core team member! 

In today’s digital age, many precious moments get lost in the clutter of our phone galleries amidst screenshots, forwarded images, and pictures we’re too lazy to delete. 

We think that printing photos and creating photo albums for our future selves is still the way to go. We spoke to artists, travelers, students, parents, and more, and many miss the feeling of flipping through physical photo albums.

But when we went out to find photo albums to document our college experiences and more, we saw that they were old-fashioned, clunky, and... ugly. So, we decided to design our own photo journal that brings a modern twist to the classic photo album. With this, we hope to empower people to celebrate their lives by preserving their memories through hands-on storytelling.

We hope that you’ll come with us on our journey!


Aneri, Sammy, & Rylee

*Note: To comply with her employment requirements as an F1 visa holder, Sammy is no longer involved in Project Memory operations, as of August 11, 2021 . She continues to be an avid cheerleader supporting our mission from the sidelines! 

our mission is to empower people to preserve their memories through hands-on storytelling.

  • Your memories deserve to be preserved

    Your most special moments should be chosen out from the clutter. We create a space for you to cherish and display those moments.

  • You are the best teller of your story.

    Crafting your own story through hands-on photo journaling is powerful. We provide the tools for you to express your creativity with ease.

  • Your stories are gifts to your future self.

    Reliving meaningful moments through photo journals helps you celebrate your life. Our system empowers you to do just that.

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