#JournalingPrompts: The Postcard Spread

We've always loved postcards! Walking into a gift shop after a visit to a unique place and looking at the array of beautiful postcards is one of our favorite things to do! The picture printed on the back of a postcard is usually carefully chosen to capture the soul of the place it represents.

Even though postcards are originally intended to be mailed out, we realized that there are many other fun things you can do with them!

Take a moment to visit the gift shop after your visit to an interesting place. Find the postcards section and pick out a postcard or two that really resonate with you. To make even more special, you can ask an accompanying friend of family member to pick out the postcard for you!

Cozy in with some tea and a journal and stick your postcard in it. You can use fun Washi tapes and stickers to decorate your spread! Get creative!

Write about your favorite moments and other special details from the trip that you'd want to remember or revisit later! If you like drawing, throw in a couple sketches to make the spread extra special!

Got any other ideas? Let us know in the comments, or contact us at info@projectmemory.co. We can't wait to see what you create!

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