#MemoryKeepingChallenge: Document Your Cooking Adventures

This is a memory keeping challenge suitable for everyone! Whether you are an aspiring chef or you've just picked up cooking, this is an exciting challenge, especially since we're all staying at home during the pandemic!

With this challenge, you'll be able to track your progress in your cooking adventures and have a visual record of all your achievements! This challenge will also allow you to transform things like ordinary, non-special cookbooks into a personal cooking "journal" that documents your memories and progress.

Step 1: Choose a cookbook that you want to explore!
Find a cookbook that you're really excited about - a part of the challenge is to try out most, if not all, the recipes in the book. We find it even more fun to use a cookbook that includes a lot of pictures.

Step 2: Take pictures of your beautiful creations and print them out!
To add to the fun, try to plate your wonderful creations nicely. Sprinkle some good looking seasoning, drizzle your sauces in little fancy dots around the plate 😉 If your cookbook has pictures, you can even try to emulate their plating!

You've probably already done everything up this point in the past. This additional step is what really turns this into a memory keeping challenge - print out your beautiful food pictures! You can easily print your pictures using your home printer, with a mini printer if you have one, or you can print them using services like CVS Photos.

For these polaroids, we used our Instax Mini printer that allows you to print photos from your phone into polaroids instantly.

Step 3: Stick them on the page of the recipe as your mark of success
Feel free to get really creative with this step. We recommend dating your picture so you know when you attempted this recipe for the first time, and maybe even writing a note or comment on what the process was like and how the food tasted.

Once you've tried out a handful of the recipes, you'll be able to flip through your cookbook and relive your cooking adventures through your visual documentation.

Modifications of this challenge

Create a cooking journal: For those of you who like to write more, you can modify this challenge and make a dedicated cooking journal from a blank notebook. Use one page to stick a photo of your creation and the other page for your journal entry!

Be creative with a photo album: You can use a classic photo album (the one with plastic sleeves for your photos) dedicated to your cooking adventures. Date and write your comment/note on the back of your photo print and use the album to store your photos!

Got any other ideas? Let us know in the comments, or contact us at info@projectmemory.co. We can't wait to see what you create!

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