#MemoryKeepingChallenge: The Film Camera Challenge

Why are we still talking about film photos?

Film photos have a unique quality to them and that's probably why there's still a thriving community of analog photographers. But even if you don't consider yourself a pro photographer, disposable film cameras, that require little to no experience, can be a fun and interesting way to capture your memories.

There's something so exciting about having a limited amount of photos that you can take without knowing what they will look like until you have them developed in the end.

Using disposable film cameras brings something that is very different from today's culture towards photos. If you're like us, you probably don't bother to delete repeat photos or bad photos, causing your phone camera rolls to be full of unnecessary junk.

When dealing with disposable film cameras however, you have to approach photography very differently. Most disposable film cameras will only allow you to take up to 27 photos, so you will really need to pick and choose what moments to capture. Plus, you won't be able to fuss about the results of each photo. You simply capture the moment and put the camera away.

The challenge
The challenge is simple! First, get yourself a disposable film camera. Have fun with it! Then, develop the pictures at a CVS location or any other service. Next, get yourself a photo album that you can dedicate to storing your analog adventures. Collect all your film photos in one album and flip through them later to view a compilation of snapshots of your life through film!

I documented our summer using a Kodak FunSaver 35mm Single Use Camera. I think it really captured the essence of the summer, even with only 27 photos!

I started a new photo album just for my film photos. This album has a space for captions, which is helpful because film photos of random moments in life sometimes need to be contextualized.

I also had 2 disposable cameras that I used from December 2019 - May 2020. I stored 20 of my best shots from those two cameras in this cute mini album!

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