#MemoryKeepingChallenge: The Postcard Album

If you like to travel, then this challenge is for you: compile a postcard album as a track record of your travels! We love this challenge because it brings yet another layer of fun to your adventures!

Step 1: Collect postcards
When you visit a place, make sure to swing by the gift shop and pick out a postcard. To make the postcard even more special, have the person you're traveling with pick out the postcard for you.

Step 2: Find a good album
Get a photo album to store your postcard selection. In this example, we used our photo journal, The Chronicle, especially because it has the space to label the album. It also has a fun pocket at the back to store more travel-related mementos.

Step 3: Write about your travel experience at the back of the postcard
Postcards are meant to be written on, so write about your travels! Write about your experience at that location, the people you traveled with, and other details that you'd want to remember. Think about it like you're sending a postcard to your future self!

Step 4: Keep collecting!
The more you travel and collect postcards, the faster you'll be able to fill out the album. This album will be a physical record of all your trips with each place you've visited, represented by a postcard. Make sure to date the album so you know the period of time for this specific collection.

Got any other ideas? Let us know in the comments, or contact us at info@projectmemory.co. We can't wait to see what you create! Our first product, The Chronicle Photo Journal, will be launching very soon. Sign up for early access here.

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